An Overview of Why This Book Came About

 Why did I choose this title for my book?  In order to be the parents we want to be, we must be creative in ways that lead our children into a life of self-confidence and happiness, no matter how we might have been raised.  When they are acting out is the moment in which we can choose to be artistic in our parenting.  This is the time to pause for a moment and consider what effect our actions will have on our child and our relationship with them.  My commitment to raising a child who would be a blessing to the world led me to taking a wonderful parenting class and was what kept me in line during his formative years.

As my son was growing up, his friend's parents told me he was the best kid they had ever been around.  His teenage years were a breeze.  He served in the Peace Corps in Africa.  His life partner told me that he has less parenting issues than anyone she has ever known.  His present employer even told me I had done a very good job in raising him.  He is respectful and caring of others, keeps his word and is at peace within himself.

Over the years, I have stayed in touch with several of the friends I met in the parenting classes.  They, too, are happy that they stuck with the tools we were given.   We share a lot about our kids and what they are doing today - and it is all good news.  The positive feedback I have received and my experience of who my own son is today are part of what inspired me to write these tips for new parents. 

It's never too soon to start Artful Parenting!