About the Author

 With the birth of my fourth child approaching, I decided to take a parenting class. I wanted to raise a child who would be a blessing to the world and I had to acknowledge that I knew nothing about positive parenting, even after raising three other children. My fourth child turned out to be the kind of person I wanted to raise; I knew I had done the right thing in following what I had learned. I made a vow that if he turned out as I expected, I would write a book - he did and I did. 

What Some Readers Are Saying

"I have just finished reading your book. It was fantastic! This book will assist so many parents who want to "enjoy" their children. I appreciated your honesty in telling about your own life situations; I could certainly relate to them"  ~ Mellisa Budreau, Mother 

"This is an awesome book; parents really need it. I like how short it is, how easy it is to understand and how I can really relate to the suggestions. Thank you for sharing it with me! I hope to improve my parenting skills with my own son by using some of the tips in this book"  ~ Laura Kiewel, Child Psychology Major 

It's never too soon to start Artful Parenting!